Hello Darkness, My old friend




I am preparing the personal materials for collectively suing Jiang Zemin by Tsinghua disciples.

It has made me review all I have experienced, to list the torture, respect deprivation, character destruction, loneliness and forbearance in long term, farewells with whom I loved, time, locations, scenarios, abusers… I still cannot bare to have no resentment against anything as what my Master has taught me to do.

In more than ten years of lying on the board, I cannot stretch my body. So many nights passed by when I fell asleep, quietly in deep hatred. The hatred is just like an ocean of which I do not know the depth under the sky without stars and moon. I am afloat on my back, smiling. My body swayed slightly with ripples. My eyes closed and my body fell into sleep while my inner eyes never closed. I have been watching them and remembering everything.

Hatred the old friend has accompanied me for a long time in a long journey and it’s time to say goodbye to it. Although I do not know how to leave, I know the bright future awaits me ahead.

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